3-stepsGetting a title loan was never this easy! The whole process has been  streamlined to offer you quick and efficient service. It is merely a three step procedure for which you can easily qualify. In this process, you are simply using your car as a means or a passport to get you a loan by giving us the title while you still have complete access to your car.

Step One-Apply Online or In Person

Simply give us a call on our number (619) 797-6602 or apply online and our customer representatives will get back to you.  The whole process lasts only a few minutes.

Step Two – Documentation

Just gather the required paperwork like your California driver’s license, proof of insurance and your title to your vehicle and fax it to us or drop it in person. This list is extremely short and you will be done with it within an hour.

Step Three – Show Me The Money

Our professional sales staff will arrive at your house or workplace and hand you the check, all of which takes a maximum of one hour.

See! It was that easy. Thus, we do everything in our power to provide you with the money you need without having to go through the trouble of any intermediary or bank.